From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meet our team

Our drive to work with blockchain technologies started back in 2013, when it was hard to get paid as a remote developer because of strong controls on foreign currencies. What started as a natural and pragmatic response to deeply flawed institutions, ended up as a commitment to build the most secure and easy to use mobile wallet.

Photo of Dario Sneidermanis

Dario Sneidermanis

Photo of Santiago Lezica

Santiago Lezica

Team lead
Photo of Alvaro Crespo

Alvaro Crespo

Software Engineer
Photo of Sebastián Reca

Sebastián Reca

Research Scientist
Photo of Federico Bond

Federico Bond

Lightning Network Engineer
Photo of Florencia Ravenna

Florencia Ravenna

Photo of Francisco Crespi

Francisco Crespi

Photo of Manuel Herrera

Manuel Herrera

Software Engineer
Photo of Juan Civile

Juan Civile

Team Lead
Photo of Gabriel Nasr

Gabriel Nasr

Site Reliability Engineer
Photo of Nicolás Rey

Nicolás Rey

Site Reliability Engineer
Photo of Gastón Alba

Gastón Alba


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